I have support & it still isn’t working!

I have support & it still isn't working!

Your office admin are your 1:1 administration support, however you're lacking what you require as you really need a PA?

You may have an office manager, team assistant or Junior administration support that are fabulous at housekeeping, they work together to schedule team events, although they're still flourishing to establish the experience of a seasoned professional that can be exposed to highly confidential information. They aren't at the point of being delegated tasks that your EA could do if you had one.


Problem may be you do not have 40 hours a week to pay for a full time EA, so your time is reduced on the projects you should be focused on as you do not have the resources to trust, lean in to and get the job done, so it is easier to do it yourself.

This is where VA Sydney can provide that bespoke administration support, they can collaborate with your full time staff, lead the project if required & also double up as your Personal Assistant as we have the knowledge, experience to do so.  

You could be working 45 hours a week, the Nanny has your children or the partner is away for work, yet they return day of their birthday & you do not have capacity to organise the Surprise Birthday dinner.

Work has you under the pump, the children's tutoring, sports have taken over the afternoons of your week & the thought of this event has you flustered. 

Your trusted EA from VA Sydney can confidentially work by your side to ensure your personal event is scheduled according to all your specific requests. Eliminating your work load and reducing your stress levels.



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