Sitting in the CEO seat | Virtual Assistant Sydney

Sitting in the CEO seat | Virtual Assistant Sydney


This is a BIG one, do you need assistance with your personal organisation?

Do you know where all your insurances policies are held for the home, the car, the office? Yet you don't have the time to compare the market pricing? 

Let Virtual Assistant Sydney do it for you!

Did you forget your drivers licence has lapsed?

That won't happen if Virtual Assistant Sydney have scheduled these alerts for you!

Your car registration has run out?

That date is already locked in the diary & your CTP renewal reminder is right next to it awaiting payment. 

Your Virtual Assistant thinks about your next 10 steps before you do, they are your right hand man, managing those errands and tasks that are all in your " too hard basket or too busy to do right now". 

We make sure we set you up for efficiency & success, we assist you with building your portfolio inventory to support you in having all information easily accessible.

Let us collate your data for you, in the event you transition & no longer require your Virtual Assistant EA genie by your side, all things we have organised will be left scheduled right on time. 



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