Collection: Monthly Virtual Assistant Support | 60 Hours

60 HOURS MONTHLY | Virtual Assistance

Need a PA/EA on call yet you lack the workload for a full- time assistant & a part- time assistant just won't be enough?

This subscription provides the perfect balance of hours for personal assistance, executive assistance & virtual assistance. 

You will be provided with virtual assistance to keep your weekly errands taken care of & your daily schedule in check.

There will be enough time in this subscription to accommodate spare of the moment tasks that need taking care of.

Your virtual support will include face to face check ins, providing you with the confidence you need in your EA, leaving you to feel like you have a concrete team member by your side.

You will have 60 hours per month of Executive support to use across:

  • Personal Assistance
  • Executive & Business Support
  • Lifestyle & Concierge Services

Your subscription includes:

  • 60 Hours of assistance
  • Weekly 15 minute virtual check in
  • Fortnightly 30 minute face to face check in

Renew your subscription at your own discretion month by month.