Collection: Weekly Virtual Assistant Support | 8-40 Hours

 8-40 HOURS WEEKLY | Virtual Assistance


When things just HAPPEN & you need executive assistance for the day or week, this subscription gives you access to your own Virtual Assistant that will align with your personal and business needs short term. From holidays, unexpected scenarios, emergencies, sometimes we are left without our side kick!

If you need a short term fill in Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant, select the hours of virtual assistance you need for the next few days or week & your Virtual Assistant from VA Sydney can jump onboard for the interim.

This subscription may be suitable:

  • If you have an increased workload
  • Extra projects & increased deadlines for the near future 
  • Require extra hours for your monthly subscription, you can use this service as an addition. 

Choose the hours you require your Virtual Assistant for the day/ week to use across:

  • Personal Assistance
  • Executive Assistance & Business Support
  • Lifestyle & Concierge Services

Your subscription includes:

  • Weekly 15 minute virtual check in
  • Fortnightly 30 minute face to face check in

Renew your subscription at your own discretion month by month.