VA Sydney provides a range of services that can be tailored to your business needs. 

Time Management

If you find yourself in meetings daily, working over time,& not enough time to work on important tasks throughout your day. Quite possibly you need some time management guidance & assistance. Structure to your day is crucial. VA Sydney can establish a structure that works for you, delegating meetings, ensuring you have enough time free daily to grab a coffee, engage with your team and be hands on within decision making of projects that need your input most.

Email Management

Find yourself with emails that need responding to? Potential clients emailing saying they haven’t gotten a response? Or there are thousands of incoming emails daily that need filtering, items to be actioned, flagging high priority agenda items. Setting up structure in your inbox allowing Executive emails to be categorised at the top of your list to be read. VA Sydney can organise your inbox to fit your ways of working. 

Travel, Lifestyle, Concierge Services

Do you travel often for work or personal and need someone schedule your travel movements? Support that knows you like to sit at the front of the plane to the left, window side?

Possibly that human database that remembers your favourite hotel in Perth & the restaurant you always eat at while you visit? Maybe the children love soccer and their favourite team is in Italy while you’re visiting, VA Sydney can ensure your holiday experiences fit just what you’re looking for. 

VA Sydney provides concierge services to you, your team& your family if required. Travel, accommodation, itineraries, keeping you informed with travel health requirements. Tracking down that lost parcel, recommending a great restaurant or arranging tickets Disneyland for the US trip!

Personal Assistance

We work closely with our Executives for their bespoke personal needs. 

VA Sydney can provide assistance with personal errands, online shopping, leisurely bookings & appointments, personal event planning, portfolio management. 

Some often have a large portfolio with utilities, insurances that follow. Having your virtual EA manage this for you allows you to stress less knowing your licenses, policies and insurances won’t lapse & you can access expiration or renewal information easily.

Corporate Events

VA Sydney has experience in events & can pull together all the strings to get your corporate events planned. Whether it be in house HR initiatives, team building events, client events or milestones at home they can be arranged by us on your behalf. 

Process Evaluation & Improvement

If you need a fresh set of eyes to sit in meetings, review pain points within the business & collaborate with different teams to establish improved processes, our support can assist along the way. It could be a simple identification where double handling of information occurs before potential client contact details get to the sales team! Contacting your potential clients sooner, could lead to more revenue. 

Project Management

Do you need to relocate offices?

Upgrade all IT equipment across the board?

Does the office need new furniture?

Are you expanding with a new office under construction and need someone to liaise with the builder for you to obtain permits and certification?

VA Sydney is your project management support that can keep you informed. Your VA can attend the meetings that you can’t attend & ensure to keep you in the loop.

HR Support 

We offer support to your HR team, across employee relations & on boarding. We can ensure staff are brought into your business with a spring in there step, not missing a beat with the induction process.

Scheduling their first day of meet and greets, providing them with a system run through & tools to excel in their role from day dot, covering all company policies & processes. Your assistant can align with your company values & demonstrate them on your behalf during the on boarding phase.